• There are so many “weight loss packages” and nutritionists out there – what makes The Food Effect superior?

    The Food Effect is unique in that it was founded by Dr Michelle Braude (MBBS, BSc), a qualified doctor and nutritionist. Dr Braude writes all the plans and material herself, incorporating her extensive medical background, nutritional knowledge, understanding of how different foods affect all aspects of health, creativity and love of cooking to develop an individualised diet & lifestyle plan to address your own nutritional, lifestyle & medical needs.

    Dr Braude uses scientifically-proven information to devise a personalised plan formulated according to each patient’s specific needs. Clients can be confident that they are receiving advice from someone who really understands health and the body, and how food interacts with it. On top of this, all advice is clear, practical, effective and realistic.

  • What are the benefits of The Food Effect approach to weight loss and optimum nutrition?

    The Food Effect it is not just a diet – it’s a lifestyle package, which can be maintained for life. It teaches you how to eat as a means to a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.

    You will be given a clear and practical plan that will provide you with a new understanding and appreciation of food, so that you can lose weight AND still love to eat whilst maintaining a happier, healthier lifestyle and achieving your ideal weight.

    Whilst other diets may focus solely on weight loss, The Food Effect approach offers a variety of health benefits, including:

    • Weight-loss & MAINTENANCE
    • Lowering cholesterol & blood pressure
    • Stabilising blood sugar levels
    • Increasing energy throughout the day
    • Greater concentration & alertness (greater productivity at work!)
    • Reducing risk factors for heart disease and stroke.
    • Reducing risk of various cancers
    • Improving skin, hair & nails
    • Reducing  pain & common symptoms associated with a range of conditions – think indigestion, bloating, straining, dizziness, hot flushes, constipation & fluid retention.
    • Even slowing down premature ageing!
  • How do I know if seeing Michelle can help me and address my specific needs?

    Michelle has significant experience working with a range of clients with different needs, and has found that with a thorough understanding of a client’s health, tastes and lifestyle, a solution can be designed to deal with even the most complex needs.

    There is a good chance that Michelle has helped someone in a similar position to yours before – but even if not, she relishes the opportunity to apply her knowledge to new cases that she feels she can confidently deal with.

    If your case is something Michelle is not comfortable in addressing, she is completely honest and will let you know this right up front! She may also be able to help recommend a different healthcare practitioner who she thinks would be better suited at dealing with your situation.

    If you have any concerns, feel free to be in touch with Michelle here to discuss how she can help you.

  • What specific areas can Michelle provide nutritional help for?

    Michelle’s face-to-face as well as written advice (i.e. via her consultations & online packages) can provide specific help for the following:

    Weight Loss

    • Achieving and maintaining your optimal weight, whilst optimising your health.

    Medical needs

    • Lowering & optimising cholesterol levels
    • Lowering blood pressure
    • Stabilising blood sugar levels
    • Preventing & treating type-2 Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular disease prevention
    • Digestive problems – Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Coeliac disease
    • Diverticulosis
    • Sleep apnoea

    Pregnancy nutrition

    • Pre-conception nutrition
    • Optimum nutrition during pregnancy
    • Healthy post-pregnancy weight loss

    Women’s health nutrition

    • Healthy eating & weight management for teenagers
    • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
    • Nutrition during menopause
    • Prevention & treatment of osteoporosis
    • Improving skin, hair & nails

    Performance nutrition

    • Improve energy levels, brain performance & concentration
    • Glowing skin, hair & nails
    • Nutrition for fitness & exercise
  • What makes The Food Effect work?

    The Food Effect works because it guides you in a clear and simple way to learn how to eat wholesome foods and feel satisfied.  It is NOT a fad diet that cannot be sustained in the long-term, with fad foods or calorie-counting.  All nutrition plans are designed to suit your lifestyle, help you achieve your goals and ensure long-term, permanent solutions.

    Similarly, all the downloadable guides e.g. The Food Effect “Get Yourself Slim Guide”, are designed to be practical, simple and realistic – yet still exciting and colourful enough to ensure you remain excited by your eating plan and your new Food Effect way of life!

  • Is it possible to arrange appointments via phone consultation if I can’t make it to see Michelle in person?

    Yes, certainly – appointments can be by phone (or Skype), arranged at a time most convenient for you. For your initial consultation however, Michelle strongly recommends a face-to-face appointment where possible. This appointment is much longer than the others and it is important to take accurate baseline measurements, and have a thorough medical, nutritional and lifestyle assessment in person. Meeting in person gives Michelle the opportunity to get to know you (and you her!) and understanding your needs in a way that is more difficult over the phone/internet.

    If you live overseas for part or most of the year, you can visit Michelle in person when you are in the UK and she can keep in regular contact by having phone consultations thereafter or in between future visits.

  • How often will I need to see Michelle for follow-ups after my first visit?

    There is no commitment to follow up appointments; however, experience has shown that making and sticking to the changes necessary to succeed can be achieved more easily through regular follow up appointments.

    The frequency depends on the client and their particular needs. Follow-up appointments are useful for:

    • Assessing progress (weight, health, energy, other relevant symptoms)
    • Recalculating health indices
    • Making adjustments to your plan & providing further suggestions (often a client’s tastes buds will change as they learn to eat The Food Effect way & they wish to adapt their plan accordingly)
    • Overcoming individual obstacles or struggles
    • Motivation!
    • Specific advice to target challenging events or situations, such as holidays, events or lifestyle changes.
    • Further guidance
    • A check-up after an extended period of time of ‘doing it alone’

    The long term goal is to empower clients to understand how to eat in a whole new way, so that they will no longer need appointments.

  • I am vegetarian – will The Food Effect be suitable for me?

    YES! Being vegetarian is not an impediment to eating a wholesome, healthy diet including all the key nutrients you need – by way of example, there are endless plant-based proteins and “vegetarian” foods that are strongly recommended in The Food Effect lifestyle.

    In fact, Michelle is very much in favour of a shift away from a high meat intake.  The healthiest diets in the world, such as the traditional Mediterranean diet, have a low content of meat and animal products and focus on unrefined plant-based foods. Meat is consumed in much smaller amounts than in the UK.

    The beauty of the tailor-made plans is just that – they are tailor-made, so no dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, kosher, Halal, etc.) pose a problem. A plan can be designed to suit your tastes with or without meat!

    This is true of The Food Effect off-the-shelf online packages and guides too. There are ample suggestions to suit all dietary preferences and all can be easily adapted and interchanged – nothing is complicated! Whatever your personal dietary preference Michelle can show you how to eat for optimal health and vitality.