Despite my lifelong passion for healthy eating and living, sleep has always been the one area that I have neglected.  I’m a real night owl and have never enjoyed going to bed – that is, until I discovered SilkSkin.

You see, I’ve been reading about the comfort and benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase for quite some time now; a not-so-secret secret being shared by celebrities, doctors, surgeons, dermatologists, beauty bloggers and royalty alike, thanks to its increasing popularity, even among us mere mortals.  It is, quite simply, something dreams are made of.  Said to keep skin moist and glowing, hair silky smooth and frizz-free, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and even help promote and improve sleep quality, I can’t quite believe that I haven’t come across it sooner!


Considering we spend over a third of our lives asleep, it seems strange that most of us never give a second’s thought as to what pillow case we use – especially against the backdrop of how much we spend on face-creams, hair care and sleeping aids – amongst many other things.

As I tell my clients when it comes to nutrition and the food they eat – keep things simple!  It makes much more sense (and is far simpler) to change your pillowcase to prevent waking up with those dreaded “sleep lines” (that I’m told eventually turn into wrinkles!) than to have to fork out money on expensive anti-ageing creams and treatments in the future.  It was, therefore, about time that I followed some of my own advice.


One of the first on the market, the un-dyed, un-bleached SilkSkin pillowcase is made of 100% pure and natural Mulberry silk, which is the smoothest and highest quality out there.  It also contains similar amino acids to your skin and hair (more on that later!).  Forget the hair frizzing, skin sweating horrors of the shiny silk that is probably springing to mind right about now, the soft and natural feel of this pillowcase is enhanced by its cream colour and beautiful matte finish to promote a real-life dream that will compliment any bedding and, perhaps more importantly, any night’s sleep. 


Better Skin

Because silk lets your skin slide across it and doesn’t allow your face to get “stuck” in one position, sleep-ingrained lines will be a thing of the past – meaning that those sleep-induced facial creases (the ones that eventually turn into wrinkles) are banished!  If you suffer from any other facial problems like puffiness, eczema or even acne, your skin will be far less irritated and much softer after sleeping on a silk pillowcase.  Furthermore, unlike cotton or other harsher fabrics, SilkSkin does not soak up any essential moisture from your skin, meaning any nightly moisturiser – however expensive – will ALL stay on your face, rather than rub off and soak into the fabric, like it does with other materials.


Thanks to its ability to maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels, silk pillowcases also help slow the ageing process (unlike a cotton pillowcase which dries out skin and hair), thereby preventing lines and wrinkles.


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Better Hair

Perhaps the most well-documented benefit of a silk pillowcase, investing in one of these will help preserve your hairstyle, preventing any uninvited knots and tangles making their way to your locks.

Just like with skin, cotton also draws moisture from your hair.  SilkSkin prevents this, thus helping to maintain moisture levels in the hair, keeping dry, brittle damaged hair at bay.  Silk pillowcases are also good for preventing what hairdressers call ‘bed head’, as locks can easily get caught on cotton pillowcases and break, especially if you toss and turn a lot while you sleep.

Silk is also cooling, so forget waking up with a sweaty scalp or damp limp curls in the morning.

And it guarantees a longer-lasting blow dry? Need I say more! 😍


Silk pillowcases work well for allergy suffers because silk is naturally hypoallergenic.  This makes it ideal for sensitive, dry or itchy skin, as it maintains moisture levels.  It is also especially good for eczema sufferers.

Cleaner Bedding

Because of the tight weave of silk fabric, it’s been discovered that house mites and dust mites will not live in it!  As well as the advantage of it being hypoallergenic, this means that there are significant health benefits from sleeping on cleaner silk bedding.

My verdict?  Sleeping on silk is definitely the gold standard in bedtime.  If I’m going to make sure I eat healthily to keep my skin glowing, you can be sure I’ll be sleeping on the right pillowcase from now!  (And I might even start going to bed earlier, too!) 😉

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