The Food Effect Tailor-Made Start-Up Package

This is the complete, life-changing package to optimise your weight and health – with a focus on making it sustainable & ensuring long-lasting change.  Based on a detailed consultation, in-depth medical history, lifestyle, personal likes and dislikes, Michelle designs a truly personalised nutrition plan for each client, along with tips, advice and recipes designed to enhance weight loss, help regulate appetite and reduce overeating.

Where appropriate, a plan can also be targeted to address any specific health issues, symptoms or medical conditions you may be suffering from.

It will include:

  • Detailed health questionnaires and food diary for you to complete in advance of your appointment, followed by:

A one and a half hour face-to-face initial consultation, including:

  • A detailed review and analysis of your completed health questionnaires
  • Full medical and lifestyle history
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Weight, height and various other measurements for all relevant indices and calculations.
  • A detailed discussion of your current dietary intake, eating habits, schedule, lifestyle, preferences, aversions and personal struggles
  • A discussion of how your lifestyle and schedule relates to your eating habits so that your new diet and eating plan will be designed accordingly

You will also receive:

A starter pack to get you going right away, together with a full explanation and education session before you leave, on what they mean and how they will change the way you eat. This includes:

  • The Food Effect “Effect of Foods Tables" - clearly structured, comprehensive tables to guide you on what to EAT, what to BE CAREFUL of & what to STAY AWAY from.
  • Michelle’s "Tips for Healthy Eating & Weight Loss"
  • The Food Effect: "Kitchen Staples" - a full grocery list to get you going right away!

Following your appointment:

  • Michelle will review all of her findings from your forms and the information provided during your appointment.
  • Based on this, she will prepare your Tailor-Made Food Effect Nutrition Plan, including:
  • Report of clinical findings – all your measurements and metabolic rate calculations detailed and explained
  • Your calorie requirements calculated (but NO calorie counting involved!), with your specific nutritional needs highlighted
  • Dietary recommendations – designed according to your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and activity levels to ensure you achieve your goals
  • Menu options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks based on your taste preferences, lifestyle and nutritional needs
  • Plenty of variety to keep things interesting
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Supplement recommendations (if needed)
  • Advice on overcoming potential obstacles & individual struggles

All plans will be tailored specifically to your height, weight and BMR to ensure weight loss – in a way that is optimal and sustainable!

You will receive a plan with a range of choices, designed to provide a way of eating that is sustainable & life-long – a permanent solution, NOT a “quick-fix”.

After you receive your report, you will not be on your own – in keeping with The Food Effect lifestyle, Michelle is available via phone, text message or e-mail to answer questions and clarify any aspects of your plan you are unsure about.