3 Ingredient Apple Pie Dip – Guest Post 2 from The Skinny Confidential


I am so thrilled to have world-renowned Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, the founder and creator of The Skinny Confidential, a lifestyle brand and blog where she shares everything from beauty secrets to diet tips, business advice, daily inspiration and so much more, back on The Food Effect blog sharing one of her famous recipes, that I’m now totally obsessed with myself!

In case you missed her first guest post, click HERE to read more about Lauryn and her inspiring MORNING ROUTINE (that I’ve been striving to implement myself!) that she shared here on The Food Effect a few weeks ago.

I admire Lauryn beyond words and am so thrilled to have her share her 3 Ingredient Apple Pie Dip recipe here with us!  I’m sure you’ll all love this one as much as I do, so I’ll hand it over to Lauryn to tell you more about it…

What’s up guys – I’m Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential.  Today I’m going to be sharing my 3 Ingredient Apple Pie Dip Recipe.  Let’s get into it – shall we?

Three Ingredient Apple Pie Dip – just Thank Me Later!

Really though…

Apples have so many amazing benefits & I feel like they’re the totally forgotten fruit and it’s so WRONG, wrong, wrong.

Apples are the furthest thing from basic.  They’re actually kind of insane. Why??

1) Apples whiten teeth… yup, that’s right.  Chewing an apple reduces tooth decay because it lowers the levels of bacteria.

2) Their peels have “potent anti-growth activities against cancer cells in the liver, colon, and breasts.” Oh, hey.

3) Decreases ricks of diabetes, Parkinson’s, & Alzheimer’s.

4) Apples are high in fiber which means you’ll feel full quicker & longer. Meow.

5) The beautiful, shiny fruit boosts the immune system ( hello, antioxidant quercetin!! ), detoxifies the liver, helps alleviate haemorrhoids ( too much info? What’s new! ), & prevents cataracts.

6) They also help with diarrhoea AND constipation.

7) Want to reduce your cholesterol?  Good news: “the soluble fibre found in apples binds with fats in the intestine, which translates into lower cholesterol levels and a healthier you.”

8) Fun fact: my dad has a hiatal hernia & says the trick to keeping it under control is a red, delicious apple at night.  He eats one before bed to curb any symptoms.

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff: Three Ingredient Apple Pie Dip Recipe…

So damn good, so damn easy.

I found this recipe on Loni Jane’s Instagram.  All you do is let about seven to ten-ish ( depending on how many peeps ) pitted dates soak in filtered water for one hour.  After that pour dates into a blender, add two heaping scoops of chia seeds, & a bunch of sprinkles of cinnamon.  Blend ( a food processor works best, FYI ).  Slice apples ( I like to use different kinds/colors for a lil extra flair ), sprinkle some cinnamon on top of them, & serve.  Enjoy your apple pie dip made from nature’s candy: fruit!


I’m obsessed with making this for my girlfriend’s because it’s super, super filling & that whole ‘hand to mouth’ thing helps curb my serious chips/guac addiction.

What’s your favorite fruit?  Maybe I’ll try to make a dip out of it!

x Lauryn

P.S. dates are well, kind of everything.  I like to use one for sweetening green smoothies.  MMMmmm.

( I also LOVE apples for cocktails & popcorn )

Thanks so much Lauryn!! I can’t wait to make this again soon (I’m hooked!)

In case you missed it, Lauryn just had me on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL sharing my Wellness Tips !! 

Head on over to her blog to check out the article here xx

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