Born in sunny South Africa and raised in London, Dr Michelle Braude qualified as a medical doctor (MBBS) from University College London (UCL), and completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Nutrition at King’s College London.  She also completed a year-long research project looking at “Dietary Variability and Methods to Assess Nutrient Intake in Crohn’s Disease” and carried out an elective period in Gastroenterology at the Whittington Hospital London. These provided further opportunities to increase her knowledge and gain practical experience in the wide range of clinical conditions covered by this area of medicine.

Being passionate about nutrition and healthy living, soon after graduating she decided to set up her own nutrition practice, The Food Effect, in 2012, which soon became hugely popular thanks to the results and word of mouth from many happy clients.

Dr. Michelle combines her knowledge in the fields of medicine and nutrition, as well as her passion for cooking and all things food, to help clients with medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and PCOS, as well as those looking to lose weight, improve their diet, and optimise their overall health and well-being. She has become known for offering a comprehensive, in-depth and practical service that cannot be found elsewhere, and her services are now sought worldwide via online and virtual consultations.

Michelle’s popular blog, and growing public and online profiles have led her to be quoted in national media sources, and she is regularly featured as an independent expert in The Times, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Hello!, Magazine, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Healthy Diet, Byrdie Beauty and Healthy Food Guide Magazine.

More recently, she is the author of the bestselling book The Food Effect Diet, which has been published worldwide and was serialised by The Times UK in January 2018.  And she has just written her second book, The Food Effect Diet Vegan, which came out in January 2020 (just a few days after having her baby girl!).

By combining her background in medicine, expertise in the science of nutrition, and passion for cooking and all things food, Michelle guides her clients and readers of her books, to long-lasting, effective change in their health, weight and overall wellbeing.

Michelle loves sharing her recipes and daily nutrition tips and advice on social media, where she has a highly engaged and ever growing audience. You can follow and connect with Dr Michelle on Instagram.


The Food Effect, founded by Dr Michelle Braude (MBBS, BSc), is a revolutionary concept in weight loss, weight management and healthy living.

Designed by a medical doctor (and self-confessed “foodie”), with an added Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, The Food Effect has unique strengths based on the combination of the 3 key areas of Science, Choice and Taste:

Science – Medical and Scientific knowledge:

All advice is based on a thorough understanding of nutritional science and constant engagement with the latest developments in the world of nutrition. This is combined with a comprehensive health assessment of the client by Michelle, (a qualified medical doctor and nutritionist), ensuring all advice addresses each client’s nutritional needs in the most holistic and optimal way.

Choice – Tailored solutions:

Michelle strives to fully understand and appreciate each client’s lifestyle and eating preferences to ensure that all advice is workable, and tailored specifically to each individual’s needs.  In addition to being nutritionally comprehensive, all The Food Effect advice, guides and packages, are practical and realistic. They are tailored specifically to give each and every individual something they are happy and comfortable with. This ensures that each client has the optimum chance of success.

Taste – Culinary passion and expertise:

Michelle is extremely passionate about food and cooking, and fully appreciates that her clients want to enjoy their food too! She channels this understanding into her advice to ensure that the meal plans she provides are varied and tasty. In addition, she provides clients with useful shopping guides, delicious recipes, healthy cooking and dining out advice. Together, these resources help clients every step along the way to living the notion that healthy eating is enjoyable and achievable!

The combination of Science, Choice and Taste enables a comprehensive approach to nutrition. Clients are educated about healthy eating in a way that helps them to lead a happier, healthier life, looking and feeling their best. Best of all, they achieve all of this whilst still enjoying their food!

So far this distinctive approach has shown phenomenal results. Michelle is having a big impact on a growing client base who have embraced The Food Effect way of eating and living, and never looked back!