I went to see Michelle primarily because I needed help controlling some long standing stomach issues.  Michelle suggested an eating plan that was easy to follow and allowed me to eat much more than I was before, but this time of the correct foods.  Within a week my stomach symptoms were under control and I was losing weight too!  In four months I lost just under 18 pounds, and the best part is I no longer take any medication for my stomach.  Michelle – I was skeptical at first about eating more and losing weight (!?) but guess what??  You were right!  Thank you for your friendliness, availability and support, and for turning my life around!

Esther, psychologist and teacher

Through living and eating The Food Effect way, Michelle shows that food can be healthy and enjoyable at the same time.  The meals and recipes are outstanding, colourful and delicious, and about as far from dullness and deprivation as I could imagine!

Gemma, accountant

Thank you to Michelle at The Food Effect for such inspirational, healthy and delicious recipes and meal ideas for the busy professional. As a busy doctor who never stops, they make eating well, extremely possible! “World Cup Pea Soup” is incredible!!!


Daniel, anaesthetist

Michelle didn’t put me on a “diet”, she taught me the value of healthy eating.
After my initial consultation, I expected to start my journey alone; however Michelle sent a detailed personalised meal plan just a few days later, together with numerous exciting, healthy and easy recipes to try.
Food and cooking has transformed from being a burden to being fun, colourful, exciting and delicious!
It is not an exaggeration to say that Michelle has changed my life (and the inside of my fridge and larder!).

Stacey, retail consultant

The Food Effect Diet has transformed my life.  I enjoy my eating plan and look forward to my meals and snacks.  I am never hungry and am still losing weight!  Thanks Michelle!

Judy, personal assistant

Michelle was outstanding in educating and helping me see that I didn’t have to refrain from eating everything I loved to achieve a healthy, slimmer me. I have lost 10 kilograms and kept it off and I am still having my beloved fried egg sandwich on a Friday morning!  I feel better than I have in many years.

Trevor, banker and senior relationship manager

I went to see Michelle precisely because she is medically qualified – I truly believe that someone who influences my diet needs to have a holistic approach and only someone medically, as well as nutritionally qualified has the ability to do that. I’m a challenging case because I have lots of food fads which, (along with keeping kosher), means I have a pretty restricted diet. Nevertheless, Michelle was able to design a diet for me that I’ve been able to follow since seeing her originally a year ago (last January).

I went to see her weighing 95 kilos and I’m now 83kg. I could do with shedding quite a few kilos more and thanks to Michelle I know exactly how to do that…  it’s just a question of how disciplined I am in following the personalised plan she developed for me (which really is so simple & manageable, I have no excuse!)

Mark, communications company owner

“Michelle’s advice, guidance and meal plan have helped me lose an amazing amount of weight, without feeling hungry and with significant benefits to my health and well-being. I love her recipes, which I make for my whole family (including three ravenous sons), who don’t even realise I’m on a diet”

Elizabeth, barrister

Having adopted vegetarianism at seven years old, I was never really overweight even though I didn’t eat particularly healthily. That all changed when I got married at twenty-four. The weight slowly crept on as I gave in to all sorts of bad cravings – copious amounts of refined carbs in many forms, unhealthy processed ‘vegetarian’ products, and many sugary treats were the order of the day, quite literally. At the time of going to see Michelle, I weighed in at 93kg and need to lose about 23kg of that (to get to my optimal weight of 70kg). I did a lot of research and came across Dr Michelle Braude and The Food Effect through acquaintances who couldn’t recommend her more highly. With her combined medical knowledge and expertise in nutrition, I felt so at ease with the meal plan and lifestyle she prescribed for me. I loved that I was able to share my blood results with Michelle (charted all the way through my weight-loss journey), and I have my blood pressure taken at every follow-up. Today, three years later, I weigh 68kg thanks to The Food Effect way of living. I have kept a consistent weight to what I got to with Michelle (with a slight fluctuation of up to 2kg maximum) and have never been happier. What Michelle does is lifesaving stuff. I cannot thank her enough’

David, IT consultant

‘Michelle is such a great coach. Everyone should have a Michelle in their life’

Liz, charity director

Over the last year I have tried many different nutrition plans from different nutritionists. All were restrictive in some way and didn’t fit in with my day-to-day life. My wife found Michelle on Instagram. The initial consultation was great, with Michelle understanding my goals and wanting to lose the stubborn 3 kilos before my wedding, which I hadn’t been able to lose. I saw results after a couple of weeks, and never felt (or feel) restricted. I enjoy every meal from The Food Effect plan and don’t feel bad when I go out to eat and drink. I highly recommend Michelle and wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Maor, hairdresser