Chocolate Peanut Clusters


The recipe for these Chocolate Peanut Clusters are featured in my new book “The Food Effect Vegan”, they are so quick and easy to make, requiring just two ingredients to make the most delicious, not too-naughty, “no-bake” treats.  They’re also the perfect home-made gift for holidays, birthdays or any other special occasion.

Delicious, sweet and creamy, with an added hint of salt and crunch to satisfy any type of craving, these nutty clusters achieve their heavenly taste through a moreish medley of salted peanuts and melted dark chocolate.  Being a far cry from any highly processed, junk-filled chocolate bar, however, these miraculous wonders are good for you too – making them the perfect solution for your “got to have it” chocolate craving!

Many people think that any form of chocolate or “treat” foods are off-limits for those watching their weight or focusing on better health.  Unfortunately, when you deprive yourself of your favourite foods, you feel cranky and irritable, which can often result in an unhealthy binge.  You are far better off enjoying a tiny indulgence here and there, to keep you feeling satisfied, as opposed to going cold turkey and finding you can’t stick to it!

Of course, as with everything, moderation is key – you can’t go eating the whole batch in one sitting!  But one or two would make a perfect mid-afternoon or late evening snack, paired with a nice mug of herbal tea.  You’ll be doing far less “damage” and packing in much more goodness than you would munching down on a bar of Snickers or working your way through a box of Quality Street!


So now for the nutritional goodness that I’ve assured you these treats contain:

Dark chocolate has been shown to have tremendous health benefits.  It’s full of anti-oxidants, which help the body defend against aging, tissue damage, inflammation and diseases such as cancer and heart disease.  It’s also rich in flavonoids, which may help in lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow to the brain and heart.  Research has linked chocolate consumption to lower blood pressure, reduced risk of strokes, lower (bad) LDL cholesterol and increased (good) HDL cholesterol, whilst other recent studies have also shown that regular consumption of chocolate was consistently associated with a reduced body mass index (BMI), compared with occasional consumption!

Whilst all nuts are packed with goodness and make the ideal snack (you can read about their benefits in my “Nuts about Nuts” post HERE), peanuts, in particular, are packed with protein, healthy mono- and poly-unsaturated fats, satiating fibre, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants, such as Vitamin E.  Together, this contributes to healthy and strong skin, hair, nails and muscles, a healthy heart, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increased satiety and sustained energy.  And if, like some of my clients, you’re troubled by the popular misconception that eating nuts (in particular peanuts), will cause you to pile on the pounds, you can rest assured that the healthy unsaturated fats, consumed in moderation, will not cause any trouble for your waistline.  In fact, several studies have even shown nut (and peanut!) eaters to be slimmer than those who tend to avoid them in fear of gaining weight!

So if you’re looking for a solution to satisfy your sweet tooth whilst staying on the straight and narrow, whip up a batch of these Chocolate Peanut Clusters.  You won’t regret it… I can assure you! :-). To recreate these peanut clusters and more delicious, easy vegan recipes,  I would recommend reading my new book, which is found on Amazon here. There is lots of additional information to help you to reach your goals and learn more about how to successfully eat a balanced vegan diet.

NB: Whilst you didn’t hear it from me, this recipe works just as well with white chocolate too, providing a perfect contrast to a batch made with dark chocolate. 😉


RECIPE (can easily be doubled for a larger crowd/ bigger batch)


12oz dark chocolate or dark chocolate chips
8oz roasted (salted) peanuts
Pinch of salt (if using unsalted peanuts)


Place parchment paper on a large baking tray and set aside.  Melt chocolate in a heavy based pot over a low heat.  Keep stirring, making sure not to burn!  As soon as chocolate has melted, turned off heat.  Add peanuts to the melted chocolate and stir well till fully mixed in and coated.  Spoon heaping tablespoon-fulls onto prepared baking tray.  Allow to cool.  Place in the fridge and allow to set for several hours.  Remove from foil/ parchment paper.  Serve and enjoy!! 🙂

P.s. These Chocolate Peanut Clusters can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer for several weeks.



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