How often will I need to see Michelle for follow-ups after my first visit?

There is no commitment to follow up appointments; however, experience has shown that making and sticking to the changes necessary to succeed can be achieved more easily through regular follow up appointments.

The frequency depends on the client and their particular needs. Follow-up appointments are useful for:

  • Assessing progress (weight, health, energy, other relevant symptoms)
  • Recalculating health indices
  • Making adjustments to your plan & providing further suggestions (often a client’s tastes buds will change as they learn to eat The Food Effect way & they wish to adapt their plan accordingly)
  • Overcoming individual obstacles or struggles
  • Motivation!
  • Specific advice to target challenging events or situations, such as holidays, events or lifestyle changes.
  • Further guidance
  • A check-up after an extended period of time of ‘doing it alone’

The long term goal is to empower clients to understand how to eat in a whole new way, so that they will no longer need appointments.

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