I am vegetarian – will The Food Effect be suitable for me?

YES! Being vegetarian is not an impediment to eating a wholesome, healthy diet including all the key nutrients you need – by way of example, there are endless plant-based proteins and “vegetarian” foods that are strongly recommended in The Food Effect lifestyle.

In fact, Michelle is very much in favour of a shift away from a high meat intake.  The healthiest diets in the world, such as the traditional Mediterranean diet, have a low content of meat and animal products and focus on unrefined plant-based foods. Meat is consumed in much smaller amounts than in the UK.

The beauty of the tailor-made plans is just that – they are tailor-made, so no dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, kosher, Halal, etc.) pose a problem. A plan can be designed to suit your tastes with or without meat!

This is true of The Food Effect off-the-shelf online packages and guides too. There are ample suggestions to suit all dietary preferences and all can be easily adapted and interchanged – nothing is complicated! Whatever your personal dietary preference Michelle can show you how to eat for optimal health and vitality.

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