Morning Routine – Guest Post by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick AKA The Skinny Confidential

I am beyond honoured (I actually have to pinch myself!) to be introducing world-renowned Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, the founder and creator of The Skinny Confidential, a lifestyle brand and blog where she shares everything from beauty secrets to diet tips, business advice, daily inspiration and so much more!  She is an author, podcast host (36 million+++ downloads on iTunes & counting!), blogger and a true BOSS BABE.  She is an inspiration to the millions who follow and adore her (myself included)!

I came across Lauryn soon after joining Instagram a few years ago (you have to be living under a rock to miss her!) and instantly fell in love with everything she shared.  She is open, honest, hilariously funny, insanely intelligent, gorgeous, motivated and a real hustler!

We both share a love for Ingrid de la Mare Kenny’s The Method Workouts, and INULIN fibre!  I admire Lauryn beyond words and am so thrilled to have her share her inspiring MORNING ROUTINE (that I’ve been striving to implement myself since hearing her talk about it) in this Guest Post she’s written for The Food Effect readers….


What’s up guys- I’m Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential.  Today I’m going to break down my morning routine with The Food Effect readers.  Stay tuned because I’m kind of a psycho about it.  HA!  No, but really we will get specific.  Let’s get into it- shall we? 

One thing that does not change is my three things I do EVERY SINGLE MORNING.  These three things set up each day for me.  Think of them as a framework.  A framework that is so very needed on crazy days.  It’s to the point now that if I do NOT do these vital three things, I’m a grumpy bitch. LOL.  Then something changed: a secret.  Once you learn this secret you will never wake up the same way again.  The second your eyes open you will think the same three things – trust me.

Backstory for you: I used to be BAD in the morning.  I was very, very REACTIVE.  Nothing was proactive.  I thought I needed to spring out of bed, rip the covers off, check my emails, & grab coffee.  What a lie!  A real lie, you know!  This was just not effective.  Throughout the day I noticed I was irritable & grumpy, this was because my foundation ( my mornings ) were not structured properly.

I did what I always do when I’m stressed.  I sat back, I observed my behavior, & I start to READ. Read about successful people & how they set up their mornings.  I read & listened to many books & finally came to the conclusion that all of these uber successful people were incredibly methodical when it came to their sacred mornings.

Instead of overwhelming myself, I started to crowd out the bad.

Phone gets plugged in ACROSS THE ROOM so there’s absolutely no temptation to reach for it first thing in the AM.

E-mails do NOT ( & I mean DO NOT ) get checked until 10 AM when I am sitting at a desk.

And CORTISOL is controlled by waking up with 10 to 20 minutes of meditation every morning;

BUT HERE’S THE SECRET.  The secret Aubrey Marcus raves about in his book Own The Day, Own Your Life – the THREE things are:  LIGHT. MOVEMENT. HYDRATION.

THAT’S RIGHT, the secret is simple – LIGHT. MOVEMENT. HYDRATION. Let’s discuss:


First things first ok!  I’m not a huge fan of the sun, however, I LOVE to open the shade the second I wake up.  I feel like this sets the tone of day- it’s like saying ‘OK IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP’ to the body.  To be totally transparent, I would totally sleep with the shade open just because I feel like your body responds well to it- you know what everyone always says about caveman rising with the sun?  Well, I love the idea of waking up to the sun, not an alarm.  An alarm feels jarring.  SADLY, my husband Michael hates the shades open when we’re sleeping so I have to settle for just waking up & IMMEDIATELY opening the windows.  I like light & AIR ASAP.  It really wakes me up.  After I get my light, I go back to the bed & meditate.


After mediation I like to WALK.  Just a walk makes all the difference.  I ask my Chihuahuas in the most OBNOXIOUS voice ever: “DO YOU WANTTTTTTTTT TO GO ON A WALK!!!!!!!!”  They dance around on their tippy toes making peculiar noises while I prepare their leashes AND off we go to the local coffee shop.  If this doesn’t happen, I like to go downstairs to the gym & walk on the treadmill.  The point is I MOVE.  WHATEVER I do, I like to move first thing!


So hydration is happening from the second I wake up.  After I open the shades, right before a quick meditation, I run to the kitchen & prepare a liter of water with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt ( I have it in this glass salt holder, ready to go ) with a whole lemon, juiced.  I squeeze the lemon in the water, not caring about the seeds- we got to go!

I spoke with Harley Pasternak ( who trains Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Adam Levine, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Megan Fox, Amy Schumer, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson- TO NAME A FEW! ) & he told me when it comes to HYDRATING: “the recommended daily allowance is 2 to 3 L of fluids a day”.  I feel that that number should be higher!  At least 3 L of fluids a day, in all forms of non-caloric beverages (water most the day, coffee with unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened iced tea, water with lemon and fresh mint, or electrolyte water after a workout).

Anyway, you can always find me with water with salt & lemon, my TSC Detox drink, or water with something fancy added to it- the point is HYDRATE !!  Hydrate from the second I wake up, to the second I go to bed.  I like to think of my body as a flower – it’s all dried up in the morning & needs to be watered.

ANYWAY! There’s my morning secrets. SECRETS are fun.  HOW DO YOU START YOUR MORNINGS?  Are you reactive or proactive?  Sometimes I FEEL LIKE I AM AN ALIEN because I am so specific, then I remember that the secret to success lies in your morning routine.  Well at least that’s what I tell myself?

Hope you have the best day ever – maybe a little LIGHT, some MOVEMENT, & lots of HYDRATION.

CHEERS! 😎 Lauryn x

Lauryn just had me on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL sharing my Wellness Tips !! 

Head on over to her blog to check out the article xx

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