Myogenes – Taking Personalised Medicine to a Whole New Level


In an ideal world, we’d all like to receive an individually-tailored, healthy lifestyle plan.  Well Myogenes is here to do just that – taking personalised medicine to a whole new level.  Using your own unique genetics to personalise your health, Myogenes provides you with a wealth of information about yourself – on everything from diet to fitness, to mental health to how you respond to various medications. 


What is Myogenes?

Myogenes is an advanced molecular diagnostic company centred on personalised health and genetic testing.  Their mission is to develop the field of “Personalised Medicine” in the United Kingdom, focusing on personalised genetic testing.  There is no more ‘one size fits all’.  This is personalised medicine 2.0, where your own body determines what does – and does not – work.

Myogenes offers high-end clinical genetic tests at top selected laboratories, followed by personal support for patients and their doctors.  Their services and scope of testing are wide ranging – you can read more about it on their website (see OUR TESTS section) but I’d love to share with you their Diet and Fitness – NutriFit testing, as I think it’s of huge interest and benefit to all The Food Effect readers and followers.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get fitter or just improve your health and diet in the most optimal way for you, having the Myogenes test is of immeasurable benefit to anyone and everyone!


What is the Diet & Fitness – NutriFit Test?

The NutriFit is a simple saliva DNA test which examines specific genes. Thanks to rapid advances in science, it is now possible to create a personalised diet and lifestyle plan based on your own individual genetic makeup. Every one of us possesses a specific genetic makeup; each one of us, therefore, has specific nutritional needs.

What Does NutriFit do?

NutriFit eliminates the guesswork out of dieting. Through a simple saliva test which you can do at home or in a doctor’s office, you will discover what works and what doesn’t – the key to an optimal diet and healthy lifestyle.

Through the detailed analysis based on your individual DNA, you will:

  • discover the most important micro- and macro-nutrients you need.
  • learn about your metabolism of alcohol, coffee and lactose, and your response to various forms of physical activity, including a greater understanding of your muscles and which sports will benefit you.
  • find out whether you have a propensity for high cholesterol, high blood sugar, weak bones and/ or obesity.

Your NutriFit test results are presented in a detailed 80+ page guidebook divided into eight chapters covering key elements of diet and lifestyle.

DSC07541What are the Benefits of NutriFit?

The 80+ page guidebook covers every key area of your diet and lifestyle including:

1. The Way To Your Ideal Body Weight

You will learn how your genetic makeup influences the development of weight gain and obesity, as well as how your body responds to different types of carbohydrates and fats. The balance between the intake and use of calories, physical activity and your genetic makeup are key to optimal body weight and well-being, and this chapter reveals a ‘diet type’ that, according to your genetic makeup, is ideal for you.

2. How Much do Genes Influence Your Metabolism & Health?

You will discover to what extent levels of ‘bad’ LDL and ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar are determined by your genes. Inappropriate levels of any of these components can quickly cause cardiovascular complications, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Your genes determine the fight against external influences such as bad diet, alcohol consumption and smoking, and this will show you what you can do to put yourself on the path to optimal health.

3. Which Vitamins & Minerals Does Your Body Need?

You will learn what levels of B vitamins, vitamin D and minerals such as iron and potassium are determined by your genes, as well as your sensitivity to salt (sodium) and your bone density. They can all be specifically adjusted with an appropriate intake of both vitamins and minerals. Micronutrients (a collective term for vitamins and minerals) are vital for our health, and your requirements are determined by a number of factors – chief among which is your genetic makeup. You’ll find out exactly what your body needs to maintain optimal health.

4. Important Influences On Your Eating Habits

You will discover whether your genetic makeup gives you a greater propensity for particular eating habits, such as skipping meals, hunger, eating too much sugar and your perception for bitter or sweet tastes. Many of today’s eating habits are governed by a lack of time or the environment we operate in, but they are also affected by our genes and you will find out which ones are your free choice and which ones aren’t, putting you in the best position to deal with these challenges.

DSC075315. The Effectiveness Of Your Metabolism

You will find out about your response to alcohol, caffeine and lactose according to your genetic makeup, and how effective your body is at processing these common substances.

6. Your Genes, Detoxification & Antioxidants

You will learn about your selenium and vitamin E levels determined by your genetic makeup and how effective the detoxification mechanisms of your body are, equipping you with the knowledge if you need to supplement with these key anti-oxidants.

 7. Sports & Recreation In Tune With Your Genes

You will discover what type of exercise is most suitable for you based on your muscle structure, as well as finding out if there are certain sporting injuries you may be more prone to. Certain type of sports, recreation and exercise are more beneficial for some than for others, and some can even be detrimental to your health and well-being. With the help of DNA analysis, NutriFit will recommend the type of recreation that suits you best and advise you on the ones that aren’t ideal for you.

8. Genetically-Determined Addictions & Aging

In chapter eight you’ll learn about your susceptibility to alcohol and nicotine addiction, your rate of aging compared to the average population and whether or not your individual genetic makeup would benefit from a change of lifestyle. Everyone knows that smoking, excessive drinking, a poor diet and no physical activity are components of an unhealthy lifestyle – the cause of many of today’s health problems. The NutriFit test can determine whether or not your genes point to a greater propensity for addiction and premature aging, empowering you with the knowledge you need to take action.

How Do I Do The Test?

It’s nothing more than a simple saliva test that you can do at home by yourself or in a doctor’s office.  The sample is sent to a Myogenes laboratory and the results are ready in about two to three weeks. Once you receive your results, you then have the option to have a consultation with one of Myogenes’ professional health specialists.


To find out more about Myogenes, or to arrange having the test done, you can contact Myogenes via the details on their website here:


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