The Food Effect Fertility Nutrition

Born in sunny South Africa and raised in London, Dr Michelle Braude qualified as a medical doctor (MBBS) from the prestigious University College London (UCL), and also completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in nutrition at King’s College London.

Not long after graduating, Michelle’s passion for nutrition prompted her to set up her own nutrition practice, The Food Effect in 2012. With mounting clinical evidence on the effect of nutrition on health and well-being, Michelle realised she could use her combined knowledge in the fields of medicine and nutrition to help patients with medical conditions (such as PCOS, and diabetes), as well as those who just needed or wanted to lose weight, to optimise their health and well-being through their diets.

Since officially founding The Food Effect, Michelle’s reputation and practice have grown rapidly. Her unique expertise in the field of nutrition, teamed with her growing public and online profiles, have resulted in Michelle being a sought-after expert. She is regularly featured as an independent expert in the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Hello!, Women’s Health, the Mirror and Marie Claire magazine.

Michelle’s first book, The Food Effect Diet was published in January 2018, and serialised by The Times newspaper. Her second book, The Food Effect Diet Vegan, came out in January 2020… a few days after giving birth to her baby girl Sienna.

As well as weight loss, Michelle specialises in fertility nutrition, PCOS, female and male fertility problems, and all aspects of fertility treatment with regards to diet and nutrition.  She has worked as the nutritionist in several top London fertility clinics over the past 6 years.  Utilising her background in medicine and experience in nutrition, Michelle is uniquely qualified to fully understand the conditions involved in fertility treatment, and provide expert guidance to patients on optimising their diet for fertility treatment, as well as offer appropriate tailor-made support along their journey.

To find out more about Michelle’s fertility nutrition consultations, please e-mail: [email protected]