David, IT consultant

Having adopted vegetarianism at seven years old, I was never really overweight even though I didn’t eat particularly healthily. That all changed when I got married at twenty-four. The weight slowly crept on as I gave in to all sorts of bad cravings – copious amounts of refined carbs in many forms, unhealthy processed ‘vegetarian’ products, and many sugary treats were the order of the day, quite literally. At the time of going to see Michelle, I weighed in at 93kg and need to lose about 23kg of that (to get to my optimal weight of 70kg). I did a lot of research and came across Dr Michelle Braude and The Food Effect through acquaintances who couldn’t recommend her more highly. With her combined medical knowledge and expertise in nutrition, I felt so at ease with the meal plan and lifestyle she prescribed for me. I loved that I was able to share my blood results with Michelle (charted all the way through my weight-loss journey), and I have my blood pressure taken at every follow-up. Today, three years later, I weigh 68kg thanks to The Food Effect way of living. I have kept a consistent weight to what I got to with Michelle (with a slight fluctuation of up to 2kg maximum) and have never been happier. What Michelle does is lifesaving stuff. I cannot thank her enough!

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