Rebecca. B

I’m reluctant to describe this as a “diet” – it’s more a tutorial in healthy eating, which sounds uninspiring doesn’t it? But the results are phenomenal. The 28-day plan is very cleverly tailored to suit the working lifestyle (saving half of supper for lunch the next day) and there are no fancy ingredients; just about everything you need can be bought from a local shop – Dr. Braude has made it as easy as possible. The meal portions are generous too – my husband has a big appetite and found the meals very satisfying (okay, maybe not the vegetable quinoa, but he’s learning!). Now we know what we should and shouldn’t be eating, so we cook slightly more adventurous, spicy recipes and my interest in cooking has at last been rekindled. In 10 weeks, I’ve lost over a stone (14 pounds!) and my husband has lost well over 2 stone (28 pounds!), but the REAL reward from eating this way is how much better we feel; our whole metabolisms just seem to be “sorted” – no more bloated, uncomfortable stomachs, energy slumps or general lethargy. My cholesterol level has dropped from 5.6 to 3.2 – how cool is that?! It’s incredible that just eating well can have such an effect – we take no supplements, it’s purely down to this book – I can’t recommend it enough.

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