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A few weeks ago, I went along with Faya (of UK’s top fitness blog to join AJ Odudu on her Hoxton Radio show, to chat live about all things health, fitness and well-being.  It was great to see AJ in action – with her personality as upbeat and bubbly as ever, there couldn’t be a more perfect lady to host a radio show!  Faya and I were there to answer various questions on healthy eating and living, but most importantly to talk about our recently launched e-guide, The Four-Week Fitness and Food Effect Guide.  AJ had attended the launch of the Guide at The Hoxton Hotel Holborn just a few weeks back, and had already got well and truly into doing the 28-day plan!

The Food & Fitness Effect - Cover Page

I thought it would be of interest to share some of the questions AJ asked us, and the answers we gave. So for those of you who were unable to tune in, have a read below…


AJ: So for those of you who missed the fantastic launch, what is your book titled “The Four-Week Fitness and Food Effect Guide” all about?

M: The Fitness and Food Effect Guide is a clear and concise four-week plan, to help anyone looking to lose weight, gain energy, look and feel better in a way that’s healthy, enjoyable and sustainable.  It was written not just as a 28 day guide, but to teach people how to eat and exercise normally and healthily, in a way that could continue for the rest of their livesThe Fitness & Food Effect lifestyle recognises that weight loss is just one benefit of healthy eating.  With a plan that doesn’t cut out any food groups, and includes all the key nutrients (including chocolate!), it’s guaranteed to have a dramatic and positive impact on how you look, feel and function!  Our guide was designed to achieve all of that, in the same way we do for our clients – weight loss should not come at the expense of overall health and optimal physical functioning, and it definitely won’t following our advice!

AJ: Going through it, it looks like it’s for all levels, am I right?

M: Yes definitely!  Faya will tell you about the fitness, but in terms of the meal plan it’s designed to be super simple.  There are so many diets, healthy eating websites and books out there right now that over-complicate healthy eating through the inclusion of obscure and overpriced products, which are entirely unnecessary for a healthy, balanced diet.  The meals in our guide are not complicated OR expensive – they’re made up of ingredients available in every local supermarket at reasonable prices.  There’s no need trek around to health food stores to find the ingredients – you probably already have most in your fridge or cupboard!  We strongly believe that healthy eating should be readily achievable for everyone – from busy mums at home, to high flying, frequently travelling executives; from those looking just to lose weight and feel better, to those who just want to improve their overall health and lifestyle.  The Fitness & Food Effect Guide makes all these things possible.


AJ: That’s great. I love how simple it is, how accessible it is, and how there are loads of benefits, not just weight loss!  Reading your e-book one soon discovers you both do your separate things – Faya you’re a personal trainer with an award-winning blog, Michelle you’re a doctor and nutritionist with your own practice – what inspired you two to actually come together and create this?

F: We met over Twitter funnily enough.  I was following Michelle (& I was following Faya!) and we found we very much shared the same beliefs in terms of healthy eating, loving cooking, and whipping up quick and easy healthy dishes.  We don’t make things complicated or fussy either.  It’s all about going back to basics – it’s not rocket science, everyone can do it – you CAN make it enjoyable and varied, AND still stay healthy!  We did our research and found there weren’t any other guides around that combined the nutrition side and the personal training, so we thought “there’s a gap in the market here, and this I something we’d love to create and make accessible to everyone”. So we went ahead from there.

M: Yes definitely, and we found we shared a lot of views – if not had exactly the same ones on most things… like – we don’t necessarily believe everyone needs to go gluten-free, or cut out carbs, or fats!

AJ: That’s what I like to hear!

M: Our approach was very similar, so it worked well to do it together!

AJ: Amazing!!! I’m so delighted you did decide to collaborate and come together because you’ve created something very unique and awesome. Now, this is a music radio station… what do you like to listen to when you’re working out?

F: I really like to mix it up.  A bit of Beyoncé, house music, I’m really loving Doctor Banker at the moment, especially Dirty Dog Shuffle, which is a really fun tune.  When I’m cooling down doing my stretching, I love a bit of New Dimensions and chilled out house music.


AJ: Now Easter is just around the corner, which means chocolate is coming out to play! Do you have any words of wisdom on how to stick to your healthy eating plan during this very testing time.

M: I think firstly the most important thing to realise is that enjoying Easter, or any holiday or celebration, and staying healthy is NOT a contradiction.  It’s just about having a balanced, common sense approach, and people need to realise that.  Don’t try be too rigid or strict with yourself, because then when you fail you’ll just be disappointed and end up feeling guilty and miserable.  I’d definitely discourage trying to stick to any strict diet regime, and instead encourage good, healthy, lean meals full of good carbohydrates, veggies and protein, and some designated room for mindful indulgences!  One’s approach should be all about moderation and balance, NOT deprivation.  In fact in our guide we have a daily “evening treat” – like dark chocolate and some fruit, because a treat SHOULD be part of your normal eating regime, and DEFINITELY during Easter, a time when you can and SHOULD enjoy yourself!  But I also think you have to designate that time to a specific meal or family get-together, NOT let it extend to the week before, the week after, needing to eat all the leftover chocolate… you know, limit yourself!

AJ: Ok great – so there you have it, Easter’s not cancelled!!!! Now do you have any tips to combat a hangover?

M: Firstly, getting rehydrated as soon as possible.  Drinking water from when you wake up, or herbal teas are just as good – just making sure you get in as much fluid as possible.  In terms of food, go for good lean protein – eggs are a great choice, so is salmon or smoked salmon, combined with good whole-grain carbs, because that’ll help combat the day-after cravings for sugar and junk (that come from a dip in blood sugar levels).  Also add in some avocado for some good healthy fats – that’ll also help combat the sugar cravings.  And have your eggs boiled or poached rather than fried!


AJ: Now Faya, summer is coming up and everyone is dead busy – does The Four-Week Fitness and Food Effect Guide complement a hectic lifestyle?

F: Yes, absolutely!!  Now is really the time to get beach ready – you don’t want to leave it till the last minute, that’s when people try starve and don’t eat enough, which really doesn’t help with weight loss!  The guide is all about eating plenty of good food and not starving yourself.  And training wise you can do it at home or in the park. It’s super simple body-weight training, as well as HIIT training – you don’t need any expensive equipment or gym membership!



AJ: We’ve had people Tweeting in all afternoon – they want it… where can people buy your e-guide from?

M: It’s available to download on both our websites… for just £7.99 you’ll get the amazing 64 page guide with day-by-day fitness and meal plan, intro chapters with all our tips and advice that we share with our clients, and a whole recipe section full of delicious healthy recipes and meal ideas, too.

You can download it here:
On Fitness on Toast:
On The Food Effect website here:



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