Why I Recommend an Evening Snack (every day!) Even when trying to Lose Weight

I posted these Milk Chocolate covered Almonds on my Instagram page and stories earlier this week…  I bought them for myself & having been loving them as part of my evening snack every night!

I’ve shared before that no matter what, I have a delicious substantial evening snack every night (& always a big healthy supper including protein, carbs, veggies & healthy fats.)

I’ve seen through my own personal experience & years of work with clients, that this really helps with staying on track (you might be surprised to hear!)

I apply this same principle for all my clients & in both THE FOOD EFFECT DIET Books – by incorporating a delicious evening snack from Day One on the Food Effect Diet!! And this is never at the expense of AMAZING results, if anything it’s what helps achieve it.

This way there’s no feeling of restriction or deprivation, until you finally crack & have a massive binge!! There’s also no need for a “cheat day” or “cheat meals” because you eat what you enjoy EVERY DAY!

I’ve seen so many diets that allow one glass of wine a week, or one square of dark chocolate on the weekend! How long can that actually last!?

That’s why I include a daily treat as part of the plans in both my books, so that when you have them, you don’t feel you’ve “gone off track!”

Making it PART OF WHAT YOU PLAN TO EAT eliminates the guilt. And feeling in control makes the WORLD OF DIFFERENCE to a healthy mindset & success at a healthy lifestyle.

That being said, while I encourage you to have what you enjoy – I do focus on bringing in good nutrition wherever possible. So while for me that might mean choosing the milk chocolate almonds vs. the sugar-free 90% cocoa ones (which I wouldn’t personally enjoy), I’ll go for this over a Dairy-Milk as I know I’m also getting a good amount of protein, fibre & healthy fats from the almonds! An indulgence with health benefits!!

Going for a delicious dessert or treat that also has goodness in, really helps our bodies function at peak capacity & energy without having to give up everything we enjoy!

There are lots more ideas for healthy treats & evening snacks in both my books. Let me know which are your favourite! xx


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