Healthy Vegan Rocky Road


If the holiday period has left you craving all things decadent and delicious, but you don’t want to ruin those healthy eating resolutions – this recipe is for you!

Made with high quality dark chocolate, this Healthy Vegan Rocky Road will satisfy your sweet tooth, while keeping your health and waistline in check.

They’re also gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and vegan!

If you’ve read my books or been a client of mine, you’ll know that I recommend eating chocolate every day, even if you’re looking to lose weight!

But the QUALITY of the chocolate and ingredients is key, and this recipe ticks all the right boxes.

Let me know if you make this, trust me you won’t regret it!


Chocolate mixture

500g 70% dark chocolate (I used Firetree dark chocolate, “Cappucino Create”)
1 tsp Coconut oil
2 tbsp Agave syrup


½ Cup roasted salted peanuts
⅓ Cup dried cherries
⅓ Cup chopped dates (or raisins)
1 Cup puffed rice cereal
⅓ Cup macadamia nuts, roughly chopped into large chunks

Lightly grease a 9×9 inch square baking pan. In a saucepan over low heat, melt the dark chocolate, coconut oil & agave syrup. When the mixture is smooth, remove from heat. Scoop out ½ cup of the chocolate mixture & set aside. Allow to cool slightly. Stir all the filling ingredients into the chocolate mixture in the pot. Transfer the mixture into the prepared pan. Spread with the back of a spoon to flatten evenly. Pour the reserved ½ cup of melted chocolate over & smooth the top. Freeze for one hour or refrigerate for a few hours (or overnight) until fully set & hardened. Cut 4×4 into 16 bars, or 4×6 into 24 smaller pieces. Store in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer. Enjoy! xx

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