Bursting with sweet blueberries and packed with natural fibre and whole-grain goodness, these All-Natural Skinny Blueberry Muffins are both moist and full of flavour.  Whilst of course they’re great any time of day, they come especially handy for breakfast, when frantically running around in order to make it …

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Guilt-Free Coconut French Toast

Many weight loss seekers think that bread is “fattening”… like most dietary misconceptions, this is quite far from the truth.  Whether eating bread is diet friendly or not, largely depends on the context in which it’s eaten.  As far as bread itself goes, most types of bread contain only 80…

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Curried Chickpea Salad

From Curried Chicken Salad (see my last post HERE) to Curried Chickpea Salad…. this is one of my all time favourite recipes that’s sure to please vegans, veggies and meat eaters alike.  As mentioned in my last post, I prefer to stick to plant-based protein sources (as well as fish …

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Curried Chicken Salad

Regular followers of The Food Effect might be somewhat surprised to see a recipe featuring chicken on the blog, as up until now, it has not featured heavily in my online presence.  Don’t get me wrong, with a meat-loving husband and South African parents, it is a frequent component …

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Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Hot on the heels of my recent Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter post, which is proving to be very popular, I thought this an appropriate one to follow!

A long-time favourite recipe of mine and boasting just three main ingredients, these flourless peanut xanax butter cookies couldn’t possibly be more …

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Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter

As a self-confessed peanut butter addict, the discovery of this recipe was not only life-changing in terms of being the most incredible nut butter I have ever tasted (as much as I love some of the store-bought ones!), but it may also save me from bankruptcy as a jar doesn’…

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Rainbow Brown Rice Salad

Following on from my World Cup Pea Soup post, (you can read about my dinner party antics HERE), here is another dish I created, that was also a huge hit!

This colour-popping, vitamin-packed substantial salad is guaranteed to go down a treat on any buffet table.  It would also be …

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World Cup Pea Soup

This outstanding soup recipe was born out of a dinner party I hosted last Sunday night – an accidental clash with the football World Cup Final, I must add, but one which was swiftly forgiven by all the fans attending due to the evening’s roaring success.

Whilst I absolutely …

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Living La Dolce Vita Part 2 – Staying Slim Whilst Enjoying Your Pasta: Recipes


This recipe post is a follow on from my last post: “Living La Dolce Vita: Staying Slim Whilst Enjoying Your Pasta”.  For those of you that haven’t read it yet, click here to read how and why you CAN, and SHOULD enjoy pasta as a healthy meal, without piling …

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Living La Dolce Vita - Staying Slim Whilst Enjoying Your Pasta!

Image: Harper’s Bazaar


Pasta has long had a bad rep amongst “dieters” and those purporting to advise on weight loss.  Therefore my aim here is to bust a few myths!  Pasta is NOT the weight loss enemy it’s often made out …

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