Classic ginger cookies are a long-standing, all-time favourite of mine and this healthy version is no less delicious than its sugar laden counterparts!  Born out of the most incredibly delicious Ginger Cookies that one of my best friends made for my wedding shower party which I polished off (saving perhaps …

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Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup with Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Low in fat, creamy and deliciously satisfying, this soup is packed full of fibre, beta-carotene and protein packed pumpkin seeds, making it a nutritious, anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting and waist-line friendly dish.  Think of it as your “green juice for the winter”- a great and tasty way to pack a ton …

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The recipe for these Chocolate Peanut Clusters are featured in my new book “The Food Effect Vegan”, they are so quick and easy to make, requiring just two ingredients to make the most delicious, not too-naughty, “no-bake” treats.  They’re also the perfect home-made gift for holidays, birthdays or …

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No-Bake Sweet Potato Spider Web Cookies

Halloween is infamously associated with sweet treats, chocolate and candy galore!  Even if you don’t go out trick-or-treating, you’re likely to be surrounded by an abundance of sweets and chocolates on supermarket shelves, at work or with your hand in your children’s stash (don’t worry – we won’t tell!).

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Get Your Zooki On

I recently discovered a new range of vitamins and I’m completely hooked!  Quite simply, Your Zooki is an easy way to take your diet to the next level.

The Zooki range is an alternative to capsules, enhanced with active ingredients such as essential vitamins, Omega-3 and MCT (a super-fat …

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Blueberry Bliss Protein Shake

Life is like a smoothie – you get out what you put in!  And with this recipe, which is packed full of protein, anti-oxidants, calcium & plant-based goodness – without any refined sugar or fat – you’ll be getting a delicious treat that is not only low in calories …

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Anyone who’s followed The Food Effect for long enough, will know that hummus and pasta are two things I can’t get enough of – not only for of their delicious taste but also as part of a healthy diet that won’t sabotage your weight loss goals. (You can …

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Guilt-Free Ferrero Rocher Balls

Looking for the perfect healthy replacement to satisfy your Ferrero Rocher addiction?  These Guilt-Free Ferrero Rocher Balls are just the thing!  Decadent, filling and delicious, you wouldn’t believe that they’re also super-healthy, good for you and all-natural too!

These are not only one of my favourite recipes, but …

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Winter Quinoa & Wild Rice Salad

This colour-popping, vitamin-fuelled, anti-oxidant and protein-packed salad is guaranteed to be a big hit on any buffet table.  With its hearty wholesome ingredients, it’s also the perfect salad for winter – when you might not feel like a big bowl of plain chopped veg!  It would also be ideal …

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New Year, New You

Image: Vogue Italy

It’s easy to give up on drastic New Year’s resolutions, but it’s the little lifestyle changes over the course of the year that make the biggest impact on your health.  Luckily for you, however, …

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